《Light: Science & Applications》是由中国科学院长春光学精密机械与物理研究所与英国自然出版集团(NPG)合作出版的全英文开放获取(OA)国际学术期刊。该刊于2012年3月29日创刊,2013年10月先后被国际著名检索系统SCI (Science Citation Index Expanded)及全球最大文摘引文数据库Scopus收录。







  1. Unraveling the optomechanical nature of plasmonic trapping
  2. Controllable optical activity with non-chiral plasmonic metasurfaces
  3. Supra-(carbon nanodots) with a strong visible to near-infrared absorption band and efficient photothermal conversion
  4. Metallic nanostructures for efficient LED lighting
  5. Long-term in vivo single-cell lineage tracing of deep structures using three-photon activation
  6. Pulse generation with ultra-superluminal pulse propagation in semiconductor heterostructures by superradiant-phase transition enhanced by transient coherent population gratings
  7. Chaotic light at mid-infrared wavelength
  8. Mirror-enhanced super-resolution microscopy
  9. Optically induced transparency in a micro-cavity
  10. Going beyond 1000000 resolved points in a Brillouin distributed fiber sensor: theoretical analysis and experimental demonstration
  11. Anisotropic coding metamaterials and their powerful manipulation of differently polarized terahertz waves
  12. Spatio-temporal visualization of light transport in complex photonic structures
  13. Nonlinear terahertz devices utilizing semiconducting plasmonic metamaterials
  14. Optical tracking of picosecond coherent phonon pulse focusing inside a sub-micron object
  15. Quasi noise-free digital holography
  16. Coupling of plasmonic nanopore pairs: facing dipoles attract each other
  17. Experimental quantum secure direct communication with single photons
  18. Extremely high-efficiency and ultrasimplified hybrid white organic light-emitting diodes exploiting double multifunctional blue emitting layers
  19. Atomically phase-matched second-harmonic generation in a 2D crystal
  20. Quantum super-oscillation of a single photon